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Welcome to the most comprehensive list of insulator collecting hobby sites on the Internet. If your insulator collecting hobby related site is not listed here please drop me an email so that I can add your site address (URI) to the list.


Bill Meier’s Site

Elton Gish’s Porcelain Insulators

Crown Jewels of the Wire

Insulator Patent Master Reference

Consolidated Design Number (CD) Reference Index

All Insulators

Ian Macky’s Insulators & Collectibles

Spec-Tru Glass Insulator Color Index

Jeffrey Kraemer’s Pelzer Insulator Research Site

Justin Stoudt’s Lynchburg Insulators Page

Artificially Induced Colors

Interactive Insulator Show Finder

Angela Walker’s Insulator Picture Index

Telegraph Trail - Telegraph Insulators

Neal McLain’s UPRR Pole Line Page

Canadian Museum of Civilization - Industrial Glass

David Whitten’s Glass Insulator Factories

Christian Willis’ Hemingray Site

Bob Stahr’s Hemingray Site

Shaun Kotlarsky’s Hemingray Museum

Central Pacific Railroad Brooks Patent Telegraph Insulator

Union Pacific Railroad Mulford & Biddle Insulator

Threadless Wade Farmers Lefferts Brooks Telegraph Insulators

David Fountain’s Exact Insulator Markings

Insulator Research


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