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Welcome to the most comprehensive list of insulator collecting hobby sites on the Internet. If your insulator collecting hobby related site is not listed here please drop me an email so that I can add your site address (URI) to the list.


Mike Polecat Doyle Insulator Web Properties

Kathleen Edwards’ Page

Facebook - Collecting Insulators Community

Dave Robbins’ BIG Berkshire Insulator Gallery

Bill Shaw’s Insulator Page

Brian Riecker’s Dome Glass Site

The Collector’s Weekly

Bob Parker’s Site

Mike Parker’s Insulator Page

Lee Brewer’s Page

Sam Brewer’s Page

Seth Brewer’s Page

Mark Grimek’s Site

Rick Soller’s Lightning Rod Insulator Pages

Brian Riecker’s Old Insulator Pages

Larry Rogers’ Insulator Page

Jim Dombrowski’s Radio Antenna Insulator Page

Keith Roloson’s Insulator Page

Mike & Debbie Csorbay’s Insulator Pages

John Badowski’s - The Original Insulators

Angela C. Walker's Insulator Information

Andrew Gibson’s Site

Brandis Moe’s Insulator Collection

Bob Frassinetti’s Argentinean Insulators

Chris Sistrunk's Insulator Page

Civil War Era Telegraph Insulators

Gill Pollard's Insulators

National Park Service Glass Insulators

Kim Valpinski’s Insulator Site

Bill Wargo’s Insulator Page

Insulators Rock!

Insulators - The Hidden Obsession

Steve Blair’s Site
(Steve has passed away but his site remains active)

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Pole Top Jewels

Rainbow Riders' Trading Post

Bill Winters’ Insulator Page

Rod & Jo Shelley’s Insulator Site

Rod Shelley’s Backyard Pole Project

Why Would Someone Collect Insulators?

Hugh Barbour’s Page

Terry Bauman’s Page

Bob Berry’s Page

Paul’s Deriso’s Page

John ‘Wig’ Wigington’s Insulator Page


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