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Reprinted with permission, is the September 14th, 2008 update from Ron Yuhas

    I have recovered the CD 288 Mershon in emerald green color that was part of the items stolen from me in September of 2004.  There were also 4 other items recovered from my list of 10 that I had posted ... in June of 2005.  They were; CD 263 Columbia wide ear amber swirled green aqua, CD 281 Hemingray in Hemi Blue, CD 288 Locke with dates, and a CD 251 NEGN dark yellow green.  The CD 288 Mershon was recovered in damaged condition and so were the CD 288 Locke and CD 251 NEGM.  It is possible that the damage was done on purpose by the theif.

    They were NOT recovered from the theif.  A fellow collector and friend that lives close to me here in Helena had placed a ad for insulators on an internet site that was read by an individual in the Kalispell MT area.  When my friend got emailed photos of what the guy had he went up and purchased them and then called me when he got back.  We compared them to my photos and the insulators matched.  It is almost certain that theKalispell individual is not part of the theft since he had bought the insulators at an auction in the Kalispell area.  Originally my private investigator on this matter had tried to get some information about some insulators sold at auction.  At the time we had tried to get the necessary legal documents to get that information but were unable to get them.

    It was great to get the pieces back but sad to see the damage on the CD 288 Mershon.  I let my friend keep the CD 288 Locke and CD 251 NEGM since I had replaced those units in my collection.  It is tough to stir up all those bad memorys of that incident again.

    Ron Yuhas

Here is the list, confirmed by Ron in September of 2008, of the 5 pieces not yet recovered:

      CD241.2 Hemingray 24 Hemi Blue

      CD288 Fred M Locke No 18 Aqua

      CD267.5 NEGM Co Dark Yellow Green

      CD285 No Name Dark Yellow Green

      CD178 Santa Ana Very Dark Olive

If you have, or you know of anyone whom you suspect may have any information that might be helpful in recovering any of these pieces, please contact me immediately. Your anonymity is guaranteed.


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