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I thank my Grampa Nichol and my Uncle Robert for getting me started and my parents Rosemary and Stephen for nurturing my interest and funding my early involvement in the hobby.  I used John C. Tibbitts’ books for reference, and I traded bottles that I dug in Virginia for insulators that I found for sale in Insulators magazine.  I attended many shows including Holyoke, Perkiomenville, Kulpsville, Enumclaw, Emerald City, Auburn, Bend, Yuma, Rohde Ranch, South Lake Tahoe, Big Sky, Albuquerque, TRIC’s gathering in Colorado Springs to name a few. I have been a member of the Chesapeake Bay, Jefferson State and NorCal clubs.  I am a lifetime member of the Golden State Insulator Club.  At the 2013 Franklin, Tennessee national, I received the President’s Appreciation Award.  At the 2016 Muncie, Indiana national, I received the L.L. Linscott Insulator Pioneer Award for outstanding service, an award presented by Mrs. Jacqueline Linscott Barnes.  I co-hosted the 1998 Williamsburg national and later, the Tulare, CA show for three years.  I served as the host club’s awards coordinator for the 2005 San Jose national.  I served on show committees for the 2011 San Jose national and San Jose regional.  I was one of two unnamed show co-hosts for the 2014 Farmington, New Mexico national.  I served the NIA as the Special Projects Advisor to the board of directors, and the Vice President for the Western Region.  I write articles for the hobby press and serve the NIA news staff of Drip Points Magazine as the Foreign Hobby News correspondent.  I recently accepted an invitation to begin development of a World-Wide Multipart index for the reference section of NIA.ORG.  I am the founding administrator of the Facebook Pins & Brackets group as well as the co-founding administrator of the Lou & Mike Show hobby travelogue group.  I am the administrator of Insulators Asia, Insulators Romania and Insulators Sea Glass and Beach Glass.  I co-developed a permanent museum exhibit in Fallon, Nevada that documents much of the history of the Overland Telegraph.

During the half century that I have been collecting, I have seen some incredible collections of all kinds.  My collecting interests have always been broad, and today my collection includes examples of hobby related material from around the world. It comprises a colorful assortment of glass and porcelain insulators, pole line hardware and go-withs.  I have hosted an international assortment of collectors over the years, and I am always willing to host visitors, offer appraisals, referrals, answer calls, and respond to emails about any hobby related subject.  My web site is OldInsulators.com and my email address is Polecat@OldInsulators.com. I hope to hear from you soon.  I wish you the very best in collecting!


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